Southbend SB45S - 42-50 lb. Gas Floor Fryer - 122,000 BTU


Features & Specifications:

  • 42- to 50-lb. oil capacity
  • 4 burners
  • Tube-type fry pot is ideal for breaded food that produces a large amount of sediment
  • A large cold zone is where sediment collects so it does not burn
  • Spacing between tubes is large for efficient cleanup
  • Stainless steel heat baffles are mounted in the heat exchanger tubes for ideal heat transfer
  • 114-in. full-port, front-drain valve
  • Shut-off valve, pressure regulator, and pilot system are combined into a single unit
  • 34-in. rear gas connection
  • Plated tube rack
  • Standing pilot light tells operators the unit is on
  • Temperature holding range: 200-400 degrees F
  • Gas control valve acts as a manual and pilot valve, automatic pilot valve, gas filter, pressure regulator, and automatic main valve
  • Temperature limit switch shuts off gas flow if the temperature gets too high
  • Gas flow to the burner is controlled by a gas control valve, which shuts off gas flow if the pilot goes out
  • 122,000 BTU

Width: 15 in.
Depth:  30 in.
Height: 46 in.
Net Weight: 181 lbs

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