Southbend S60DD 60" 10 Burner Gas Range w/ (2) Standard Ovens


Features & Specifications:

  • Removable shelf, front, and sides are constructed from stainless steel
  • 2212-in. stainless steel flue riser with a single shelf
  • Adjustable, stainless steel, 6-in. legs
  • Factory-installed pressure regulator
  • 10 cast iron, non-clog, 28,000 BTU burners
  • 4-in. front rail keeps operators from burning their arms and provides a landing area for plates and pans
  • 10 removable, cast iron grate tops
  • 14-in.-dia. stockpot will fit on the rear grate tops
  • 2 removable, crumb drawers sit underneath burners so debris and grease are caught to prevent messes
  • Metal knobs that control burners have red stripes for operators to identify and adjust burner settings
  • Gas flow is cut off by the flame failure safety device if the pilot light goes out
  • 2 standard, 35,000 BTU ovens
  • Spring action doors with chrome handle on the ovens
  • 175-550 degrees F adjustable oven thermostat
  • Oven burners are U-shaped to evenly distribute heat
  • 4 sides and the top of the oven are insulated with rock wool
  • 2 position rack guides with a removable rack

Width: 60 in.
Depth:  34 in.
Height: 59.5 in.
Net Weight: 1075 lbs


NOTE- Gas Hose and Casters are not included. Casters (set of 4) - $295+tax.

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