Axis AX-PZR-17 - 16.5" Double Pass Dough Sheeter

by Axis
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The Axis PZR17 is a pizza dough roller capable of outputting 250 pieces per hour. It's designed for bread, pizza, calzones, pita bread, cookies, pie crusts, and more. Dough thickness and diameter can be changed easily. The roller has heavy-duty, metal gear transmission and stainless steel construction. The top roller is 12.6" wide and the bottom roller is 16.5" wide. 

      • Designed for pizza, bread, focaccia, calzones, roti, pita bread, flour tortillas, cookies, pie crusts, sweet doughs, rolled-in dough, cinnamon rolls, danish, pierogies, etc.
      • An absorption rate of 50-60%
      • 250 pieces per hour output
      • Easily adjustable dough thickness and diameter
      • Heavy-duty AISI 304 stainless steel body
      • Heavy-duty metal gear transmission
      • Upper and lower roller scrapers and ceramic slide are removable for easy cleaning
      • Robust stainless steel, see-through hand guards provide optimal visibility for a safe and comfortable operation
      • Easy detachable plexi roller protections, provided with micro switch
      • IP67 stainless steel control switches

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