Grindmaster Model 250 Coffee Grinder for Brew Basket, 2 Bean Hoppers - 5.5 LBS Capacity per Hoppers

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Features & Specifications:

  • Years of proven performance and reliability
  • Economical, dependable workhorses featuring exclusive, long-lasting granulating-style burrs to assure consistent throws
  • 2 built in 5.5 lb bean hoppers for regular and decaf beans, or any other bean options
  • Digitally controlled with internal LED display
  • Single portion setting for 250 model, three portion settings for 250-3A model (for less than full decanter brew cycle)
  • Clear hopper for excellent bean visibility
  • Adjustable range of grind profile settings
  • Powerful, energy-efficient 0.5 hp motor
  • Circuit breaker with manual reset button
  • Troubleshooting guide decals with toll-free phone number affixed to the back of each grinder
  • Burrs guaranteed to process 40,000 pounds (18,144 kg) of coffee at medium grind
  • Solid-state, concealed, dual range timer
  • Dimensions: 8.5" W x 15" D x 28" H
  • 2 years warranty, 4 years (or 40,000 lbs, whichever comes first) on grinding burrs
  • ETL certified

Specification Sheet

**Please note, this item may require an extra 3 to 5 business days for processing. This may delay shipment of the whole order if purchased with other items. 

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